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Notable Clients of Stephen Taylor

Notable Clients The Kennedy Family (JFK Family), Harvey Gallop ( American Express CEO), Judge Paul Armstrong ( Karen Anne Quinlan case), Colket Family ( Campbell Soup family) ,, Johnson Family (J&J), Snyder Family ( Philadelphia Flyers), Joe Neubauer ( Aramark CEO), Henry Kissinger ( Sec of State), Bill Parcells (NFL coach), Vince Family ( Auto industry) , Marvin Hamlisch ( Composer) , Jason Kidd (NJ Nets), Joe Morris ( NJ Giants), Nick Mangold ( NJ Jets) Donald J. Trump (US President) , Richard Schlott ( Schott Reality) , Doug Kimmelman (Goldman Sachs) , Jeff Chiesa Family ( Senator, Attorney General,) Steve Kalafer ( Auto industry) , Nick Nolte ( Actor) , Elizabeth “Betty” Merck ( Merck Industries) , Janoff Family (Crystal Plaza), Mandelbaum Family (Real Estate) , Craig Shelton (Chef Ryland Inn), Cory Heyer ( Chef Bernards Inn), Scott Cutaneo ( Le Petit Chateau) , Ben Strauss ( Pep Boys family), Governor Kane (NJ Governor) , Governor McGreevy (NJ Governor), Governor Florio (NJ Governor), Phil Mickelson ( Pro golfer), Steve Strickland ( Pro golfer), During family ( Quick chek family) , James Gandolfini (Actor),

My Children as special

We are so happy with our family portrait and portrait of our three children. Stephen has outstanding customer service and we are happy to give our business to the local businesses in our community of Bernardsville.

Kim & Dick

It seems like only yesterday that our 3-year-old, bright-eyed and curly-haired Rikki opened the front door of our home to your clicking camera shutters already in motion as you began capturing a Day-in-the-Life of Rikki. Thrilled, Rikki instinctively began twirling around barefooted in her sky-blue tulle dress visiting her favorite places and treasures throughout our home as you and Joe followed. Years later, the memories of that day live on forever on Christmas cards and in photo frames. Today, a decade later, your lens captures images of our now tall, teenaged, bright-eyed and curly-haired 8th grade graduate. Living in the wonder of this moment in a “Day-in-the-Life of Rikki: The Graduate,” we, her parents, admire our baby as she gracefully floats around our property in her white gown with her fluffy white dogs while you, once again, capture what will soon become the memories of a distant day. We are grateful to have the family treasures of four Days-in-the-Life of Rikki as a 3-year-old, as a 7-year-old, on her 10th birthday and, now, on her Graduation Day. We look forward to the blessing of adding more special occasions as well as the specialness of an occasional ordinary Day-in-the-Life of our daughter to our collection. Stephen, thank you for the memories to last generations of lifetimes.

Marsha Sablin

I had admired Stephen's Bernardsville window for years, so was very happy when he did some family photos for us. Throughout the entire process he put us at ease, was patient, professional, responsive and generous in every way. I love the sensitivity in Stephen's work - the pictures capture the essence and personality of my family and that is exactly what I was looking for. He really cares and that comes across in the photographs. A friend saw our photos, loved them and went to Stephen for her daughter's graduation pictures. They, too, are so pleased. Highly recommend. Great experience all the way around.

Judy Weisman

Steven Taylor photography studio has been documenting our family for over a decade. Every occasion, whether a milestone or a holiday card has been captured so beautifully and truthfully. His staff is like family to us. Stephen Taylor will be photographing my family for years to come !

Jackie Gaton

We always have a great experience when we have Stephen take photos for our special family occasions. Stephen and his crew did a wonderful job capturing everlasting memories of both our daughter's and our son's 1st communions. We love his approach to capturing the emotions in his photos so they are natural and never appear posed or stiff. His easygoing personality make him a pleasure to work with! We highly recommend Stephen and will be using his services to capture future family memories!

Elizabeth Guest

Thanks again for that canvas photo portrait which is wonderful - that horse was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and he is suitably memorialized with all of your photos and that portrait.

Dr. Rita Watson, Dr. John A Schmidt and Family

We archived our Family's Departure from our home of 28 years by means of a Photoshoot. This was a most pleasant and comfortable experience. Mr Taylor was embedded in the background and truly captured the character and humor of our family interactions. He was adept at commanding the attention of the 2 year old. The quality of the resulting photo album was truly outstanding. We had many images to select from. They were all routinely wonderful, making the final choices quite difficult. We would recommend Stephen Taylor without any qualification for his talent, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Andrea Kimmet

Stephen Taylor is the Mercedes Benz of photography – timeless, classic and elegantly understated. Why go anywhere else?